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Learn hiragana for free!

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If you are serious about learning Japanese, it is essential that you learn hiragana, the Japanese phonetic alphabet. Hiragana is one of three character sets used in the Japanese language, the other 2 are katakana and kanji.

Each hiragana character or letter represents a single vowel or sound, and unlike kanji, the letter itself has no meaning. The basic Japanese language is composed of 46 hiragana letters, but it doesn't stop there, you'll also need to learn additional letters. Those letters are modified hiragana characters and represent additional sounds: 20 dakuon, 5 handakuon and 36 youon.

In the hiragana chart found in the following pages, you'll have access to the whole hiragana list of characters along with their sounding equivalent and 2 word usage examples. We hope that our free hiragana chart will really help your journey to learn the Japanese alphabet.

Hiragana chart:

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Dakuon chart

Ready for more advanced kana?

hiragana chart
dakuon chart

With our easy to use hiragana chart, you’ll learn to write and read Japanese in no time and see that hiragana is not too difficult to master! Are you ready to start learning the first 46 hiragana letters?

Hiragana chart

Dakuon are basic hiragana characters, but with two small dots or "dakuon marker", thus forming a new sound. Visit this section for a complete access to our easy to use dakuon chart.

Dakuon chart
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